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Practitioner of Classical Ayurveda 

4000+ hours program offered at 3 levels, completed in 4 plus years

Two strands (module and text reading) of education provides in-depth knowledge and grasp of the field


One-on-one attention towards developing the students to participate in different areas of the field (limited number of students)


Teachers having clinical and teaching experience


Unlimited ongoing support and mentorship after graduation


Extensive in-house internships completed in Fremont, CA.


Practical training completed at the ARYA Ayurveda Clinic, our affiliated clinic in Pune, India.

Classes meet daily during sessions; 9am-6pm weekends and 6:30pm- 9:30pm week days.

Weekday classes can be joined via phone or go to meeting.

Between lecture sessions weekly conference calls keep everyone connected.



​Advanced Ayurveda
20 Modules
  • ​Develop deeper knowledge of theoretical and applied aspects of Ayurveda - dosha dhatu mala vidnyana (knowledge of the body), dravya guna vidnyan (ingredient action and uses), bhaishajya (herbs and remedies), nidana (diagnosis), chikitsa (treatments), and pancha karma.

  • Evaluation of vikruti (states of imbalance), determination of samprapti (illness formation), development of the ability to reason out principals of chikitsa/treatment, karma/action, and dravya/substance.

  • Sophisticated case analysis.

Ayurveda Practitioner
  • Theoretical and applied: Stree roga/ woman's health, Gharbhini/ pregnancy, Sutika/post partum care, Bala Roga/care of children

  • Pancha Karma: detailed practice

  • Internship 

  • Practice development

Ayurvedic Samhitas

This course is designed to facilitate the evolution of committed students into skilled Classical Ayurveda practitioners. Studies are rooted in classical Ayurvedic texts, synthesized with contemporary Ayurvedic applications, and is comparable to the best education in India. Shubham Ayurveda believes that only a good clinician can be a complete teacher of Ayurveda. 


Shubham Ayurveda Academy provides burgeoning vaidyas with unparalleled curriculum, the finest lecturers, internships, mentoring opportunities, and community in exchange for a willingness to take on the Avurvedic values of humility, personal integrity, service, and the embodiment of Ayurveda in daily life. All of our faculty members are teachers at the university level and experienced clinicians in practice at Ayurvedic clinics for 10 plus years. Our program is equivalent to the Ayurvedic Doctor level developed by National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). 


The purpose of all Ayurveda is to relieve suffering; anyone with this desire is a perfect candidate for this course. Those with prior training as well as those new to formal Ayurveda training are welcome. The intention of the course is to transform students into dedicated practitioners prepared to maintain a private practice. 


Students entering this program must have a strong desire to immerse themselves in the traditional study of Ayurveda. Students will take on the Ayurvedic values of humility, personal integrity and service, and will come to embody Ayurveda in their daily lives and practice.  Together we will create a community of ongoing support for each other and those with a passion for true and authentic Ayurveda, and work towards the ethical integration of Ayurveda into the West.


Download printable course catalog here...

Shubham Ayurveda Academy presents: Practitioner of Classical Ayurveda Training

Basics of Ayurveda in-depth
10 Modules
  • Solidify knowledge of the underlying principals of Ayurveda including philosophy, history, culture, physiology, nutrition and daily routine, herbology, psychiatary, disease evaluation, and patient examination.

  • Get to know Charak, Vaghbat and Sushrut as primary sources.

  • Learn to orient to the world through gunas/qualities, karmas/actions and doshas.

  • Understand hetus/causative factors as the most important part of illness.

  • Gain fluency with client intake



Charaka Samhita
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